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  The Hypnotherapy Clinic. Acclaimed as the best Hypnotherapy Clinic in the area. Link to map  
Dr. Bill Stiles is the founder and owner of The Hypnotherapy Clinic in Wexford, Pa, north of Pittsburgh (See map). 

Our practice is dedicated to helping you through the use of Hypnosis and self-hypnosis.

You want the best! Dr. Stiles uses his multi-phasic hypnosis techniques so you can take control of your life to produce a greater fulfillment, and get rid of bad habits, to self– actualize, improve your natural abilities.

Just about anything that is greatly affected by mind power and attitude adjustment can be controlled or enhanced through our practice.

Through Hypnosis, Dr. Stiles is able to reach the center of your mind where habits are formed and guide you into a control system that will enable you to quit bad habits, such as smoking or behavior that leads to over-weight.

Dr. Stiles list of Credentials Read the Press About Dr. Stiles

Dr. Stiles’ programs are complementary to over-all health management.

We offer three systems:

  1. One-on-one private sessions with Dr. Stiles
  2. Couples or friends: Two or more that want to come in for the same issue
  3. Multiple people sessions: You would sign up for a session that would contain 10 to 12 people. This is only for stop smoking or Weight loss.

Fees for the multiple people sessions are greatly reduced. However these sessions are just as effective as the one-on–one sessions.

Audio AUDIO: Listen to this message from Dr. Stiles telling you "About Us".
Video VIDEO: Take a video tour through the Hypnotherapy Clinic

You want the best! We operate a modern clinic with professional equipment designed to produce the results you desire. Even in the multiple people sessions you are ensconced in your own recliner chair with surround sound.

You want the best! Dr. Stiles has been noted to have one of the most effective hypnotic voices in the profession which will enable all the suggestions and commands he gives you to go deeply into the permanent memory of your subconscious mind.

You want the best! There are other hypnotists, of course, but they are not Dr. Stiles and they do not have his talent, methods or his programs. They do not have his super equipped hypnosis studio, nor do many of them give you extensive follow up devices you can have for a lifetime to keep programming your mind with self-hypnosis. Dr. Stiles does it all. Call us. Find out more. 724-940-2211

Dr. Stiles' waiting room

Dr. Stiles never leaves you waiting. This is not a "waiting room". It's actually a preparation room where you watch a Dr. Stiles video prepared for your issue. Also you are able to learn through manuals that Dr. Stiles has prepared. When you are done, you'll see Dr. Stiles for your hypnosis session. You are totally educated, motivated and then you will be hypnotized. The Dr. Stiles Multi-Phasic approach is responsible for his ultra-high success rate.

Dr. Stiles' client viewing video

The client has viewed the Dr. Stiles Video and is about to finish the manual. She will go into Dr. Stiles office where he has taken time to prepare a tailored one-on-one session for her. Her husband accompanies her. Dr. Stiles also does many semi-private session with 2 to 5 people who want to come in together, and he does multiple people sessions up to 15. This is the only hypnosis clinic in the Pittsburgh area that can accommodate so many.

Dr. Stiles Hypnosis studio

This is the administration office where professional, experienced staff book appointments and assist clients before they see Dr. Stiles.


This is a partial picture of Dr. Stiles Hypnosis studio. You are seeing several of the 15 recliners that are in his office. During hypnosis, each person is in his/her own recliner. There is surround sound, and even in multiple people sessions, it's having a one-on one session. You will see many historical artifacts in Dr. Stiles office. He is a part time anthropologist and archeologist. Many clients bring their children back to see Dr. Stiles Mini-museum. You'll love it, too. Most important, the Hypnosis Studio removes you from your troubled world and helps you to not be distracted by your problems. You become transformed the way you want to be.

Dr. Stiles' work area

This is a photo looking from the chairs to Dr. Stiles work area. Again, there are many historical artifacts, but most importantly it is the work center where Dr. Stiles does the hypnosis.

Dr. Stiles' visual aids used to help you understand hypnosis

Dr. Stiles uses many visual aids to make you thoroughly understand what you need to know before receiving your hypnosis. He uses models of lungs, heart, knee joint, hip joints, ankles and feet, spine, stack of fat, photos of damage as a result of smoking, and others visual aids to show what is happening to you and why you must be successful in accomplishing your objective. You will learn information from Dr. Stiles you never got from your medical professionals. He is dedicated to making sure you are successful. Preparation is important to deep mind programming. Dr. Stiles takes time with you. No other hypnotist in the Pittsburgh area does this. Nor could they. (Further check out Dr. Stiles Credentials further up on this page.)

Some of Dr. Stiles' professional tools

It is difficult to see all of the professional teaching tools Dr. Stiles uses, even impossible ... for many are set aside until needed. You can be sure, you will get the full Multi-Phasic treatment from Dr. Stiles. Please expect your visit to last three hours. It takes time to properly program a mind that has a life time of bad habits and change those habits to save lives. That is what Dr. Stile says he is proud to do. Save lives; improve lives, give back the joy of living. The Dr. Stiles Hypnosis Studio has been acclaimed as one of the most professional in the country. (You can take a video tour by clicking on the tour link further up on this page - Dr. Stiles narrates it.)


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