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  Childhood Obesity  
  Childhood Obesity is dangerous. Save your child's life.The facts about Childhood Obesity. Click here.  

Don't let being over-weight ruin your child's life.

Childhood obesity erodes self-confidence, reduces self-acceptance and lowers self-esteem.  It can eventually lead to diabetes, heart disease, destruction of bone joints, early stroke and a 15% greater chance of cancer.

Entire lives are ruined.  Sad but true, later in life when trying to get a job, being over-weight has proven to be a liability and promotions come less frequently for the overweight young person.  This carries all through life.  Selection of a mate often means a major compromise.

Audio AUDIO: Listen to this message from Dr. Stiles about childhood obesity

Perhaps you have tried many programs, diets, special foods, and other things, but they all failed.

It's all in the mind.  Well, weight loss and behavior change is in the mind.

1. Your child needs to be programmed with knowledge of "fat burning foods."  Dr. Bill Stiles, master Hypnotist, does that.

2. Your child needs to know that fat burns up in the muscles and must see exercise as a "play out" and not a work out.  Dr. Stiles helps program that idea into the mind.

3. Your child needs to be constantly motivated to stay away from sugars, starches, carbohydrates and fats.  Dr. Stiles programs the mind with "Post Hypnotic Triggers" that give your child the control needed.

Dr. Stiles now conducts weight loss session for children from ages 12 to 17 at his clinic in Wexford.  You and your child will receive educational programming through a multi-media pre-hypnosis class and then you will see Dr. Stiles for the powerful hypnosis session that will create a whole new reality that will produce a wonderful, successful new life.

You, as parent, attend at NO CHARGE.  A fee reduction of 28% from Dr. Stiles regular fee is in effect for these children and you sit in the session at no charge.  And if you need to lose weight too, this is of great benefit, since you will apply the principles to yourself as well as with your child.

There will be only 8 children at each session along with one parent for each child.  Dr. Stiles uses comfortable recliner chairs and surround sound voice and music.  His multi-phasic hypnosis programs the mind easily and pleasantly.

Easy follow up.

Your child will receive an audio CD of the session and will be expected to listen for reinforcement.  Also, Dr. Stiles provides an audio tape of the most powerful fat-burning foods.  Over 12,000 people in the Pittsburgh area have succeeded with this program in the past 11 years.  You may send for audio tape testimonials and for videos of before and after photographs.  Call 724-940-2211 now.

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