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  Fears, Anxieties & Panic  
  Get control of your life. Stop panic attacks.  

Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Panic Attacks

We live in a very stressful society. Jobs, family stress, relationship issues, and many other personal issues keep us on edge. Also, our mental input from TV news and other media sources tend to make us fearful. It is pervasive. We don’t even know we carry these fears with us. We hear about terrorists, bombs, airplanes going down, robberies, house invasions, killings, rape, child abuse, etc. They build up in the subconscious mind. It over-stimulates our “Fight or Flight” instincts and even creates night terrors. It wears us down and can even ruin our lives.

Without therapeutic help, all of this tends to build up in the subconscious mind and manifests itself in a pervasive feeling of fear and anxiety. Untreated it can develop into panic attacks.

Call 724-940-2211 to receive this free video.

  Call 724-940-2211 to receive this FREE video of details about overcoming Anxiety and Panic Attacks.  
audio AUDIO: A message from Dr. Stiles about fears, anxieties & panic
audio AUDIO: A message from Rob, thanking Dr. Stiles for help with anxiety
audio AUDIO: A message from Mike, thanking Dr. Stiles for help with anxiety
The story of Tony and Rollercoasters TESTIMONIAL: Read the story of "Tony and Rollercoasters"

You are not alone. Over 60% of Americans suffer from some form of anxiety.

With hypnosis, I am able to instill a control method that stops panic before it develops, reduces anxiety and even turns around negative thoughts that lead to the manifestation of the symptoms.

It all generally starts with simple “scary” thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere. But these scary thoughts build and build until they seem to take over. They are coming from an over-stressed subconscious mind.

I will give you a hypnotic anchor that stops the scary thoughts and shuts down the anxiety so that it does not escalate into panic. Many come to me and they are on several anxiety drugs. One man was on six drugs. With the monitoring of his physician he was off all drugs in two months and used only the mind power I gave him. You can hear his testimony and several others by calling my office at 724-940-2211.

Is your life “on hold” because of anxiety and Panic attacks? Are you just plain unhappy because of excessive worry, and constant preoccupation with negative thoughts.
I will help you. Call now: 724-940-2211.

How panic develops

Anxiety and Panic starts with negative thoughts and escalates though emotions as shown on this chart. You know that, because you have experienced it. I'll give you a method to stop it so "scary thoughts" will not escalate and I'll help you reprogram your mind to have this great control for the rest of your life. Soon It all quiets down in your mind and you can live a fear-free life.

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