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  Hypnosis Explained  
  Your mind is like a computer. Program it.  

Think of a computer. You put information in the computer and you create a file. You can put in thoughts, pictures, memories, ideas about wants, needs and desires and they stay just as you program them. These files stay just as you program them until you change them. You can count on it. You can even erase them, if you want to. Or, you can keep the information in memory forever.

Now you understand how hypnosis works. It’s the same thing as programming the hard drive of a computer, only your mind is the computer that you may feel needs programming for one reason or another.

Audio AUDIO: Listen to this message from Dr. Stiles explaining hypnosis

Dr. Stiles uses his multi-phasic hypnosis methods to help you program or re-program your subconscious mind.

It is your inner subconscious mind that controls your entire life. Your subconscious mind (the hard drive containing all your files) holds all your habits, dictates how you respond to things; controls your mind-body connection so you can better perform sports; it even changes the intensity of feelings of pain. Its all in there. So, when you are able to change the programming you are able to change your life.

Some fortunate few people learn to do this themselves and they develop marvelous control over their lives. They become tremendously successful, maintain good health, are able to improves themselves, over-come bad habits and create new good habits. They use a form of self-hypnosis. However this is very rare. Most people need the help that Dr. Stiles gives them.

Dr. Stiles– helps you, through hypnosis to accomplish the mind-programming you need, want, desire, and deserve in order to adjust, change and improve your life. Of course  anything controlled by the subconscious mind is subject to adjustment by hypnosis. Most commonly, though, Dr. Stiles helps people with:

Stop Smoking, Weight control, Stress Management, Over-coming fears, phobias, anxiety and panic, pain control, public speaking, tension headaches, migraine, stuttering, nail biting, hair pulling, study techniques, memory, improvement in school, motivation and many other mind control needs.

Just remember, you have the ability to reprogram your subconscious mind and with Dr. Stiles help you will change and improve your life. Call The Hypnotherapy Clinic and learn more about how you can be helped with hypnosis. 724-940-2211.






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