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  Lose Weight Now!  
  Have you tried to lose weight, but failed?  

Doctors send their patients to me for Weight Loss HYPNOSIS.

It's in the mind!  The subconscious mind drives you to the same old patterns and the "Yo-Yo" effect controls your life.  Break those habits with new mental motivation programmed into your habit control center --- your sub-conscious mind.  Have total control.

Use hypnosis to get CONTROL of your life!

Want proof?
  Call our office and we will play telephone messages from local clients who are losing weight with our hypnosis program --- after they have failed with every other method!
  Call 724-940-2211.

Watch and Listen to these messages from Dr. Stiles

Audio TESTIMONIAL: Multiple People Sessions
Audio TESTIMONIAL: Losing Weight and Better Health
Audio AUDIO: A message from Dr. Stiles about losing weight
Video VIDEO: Dr. Stiles' video presentation on losing weight
Video VIDEO: Television news story about Dr. Stiles program for losing weight

I will help you.  You will change your life style because you will be driven from within. You will be able to look at fat and high-sugar foods and not feel the urge to eat them.  you will say "If I eat it I must wear it and I don't want to wear it."  You will be constantly motivated!  It's EASY.

You will be given your PERSONALIZED actual hypnosis session on audio CD to take home and be re-enforced.

She lost 189 lbs!   She Lost 189 lbs!
Judie says "Dr. Stiles gave me back my life"! Let her tell you her success story.
Watch the videoVideo
What they say about Dr. Stiles   What They Say About Dr. Stiles
Jane, Al, Carol, Randy & Jane, Marian, Linda, and Debbie & Dan want to tell you about their success with the help of Dr. Stiles!

Watch the video
She lost 85 lbs   She Lost 85 lbs!
Debbie lost 85 lbs with Dr. Stiles and has kept it off for 5 years! You can do it too!

Watch the video
He lost 85 lbs too!   He Lost 85 lbs too!
Bob lost 85 lbs in 8 months and has kept it off! Anyone can lose weight with the help of Dr. Stiles!
Watch the Video

Bob Klass before and after

Bob Klass originally wanted to lose 50 pounds. He accomplished that in 4 1/2 months. He found it so easy that he continued and lost a total of 85 pounds in 8 months. He said, "I have tried every diet and diet product. Nothing worked, but Dr. Stiles hypnosis did. He programmed my mind so I ate the right things ... I did the right things and the weight just melted off. Anyone wanting to lose weight needs to use their mind to do it. Dr. Stiles programs your mind."

Hear Bob tell Dr. Stiles about his experience

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Debbie Burnett

Debbie Burnett lost 44 lbs. She's now at her high school weight of 112 lbs.

Steven lost 130 lbs in 9 months

Steven lost 130 lbs in 9 months

Margie lost 67 lbs

Margie lost 67 lbs.

Kim lost 100 lbs.

Kim lost 100 lbs in 5 1/2 mo.

He lost 65 lbs. She lost 40

He lost 65 lbs. She lost 40!

He lost 65 lbs. She lost 40

He lost 35 She lost 50

Judie lost over 170 lbs

Judie lost over 170 lbs!

More success photos

More success photos

The story of Dorene

The story of Dorene.


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