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video   Video # 1: Joe lost 50 pounds and his wife lost 100 pounds   Audio   Audio # 1: Multiple People Sessions - Better Health

video   Video # 2: Marge lost 65 pounds and her mother and father quit smoking   Audio   Audio # 2: Multiple People Sessions - Losing Weight
video   Video # 3: These people prove you can lose weight, too   Audio   Audio # 3: Quit Smoking and Lose Weight
video   Video # 4: Kim lost 100 pounds. See her before and after picture   Audio   Audio # 4: Stop Procrastinating and Quit Smoking
video   Video # 5: All these people Lost weight with hypnosis   Audio   Audio # 5: Multiple People Sessions - Quit Smoking
video   Video # 6: TV news report on Dr. Stiles' Weight Loss Program   Audio   Audio # 6: Dr. Stiles tell you all "About Us"
video   Video # 7: A presentation on stopping smoking   Audio   Audio # 7: Dr. Stiles talks about childhood obesity
video   Video # 8: A presentation on losing weight   Audio   Audio # 8: Dr. Stiles answers frequently asked questions
video   Video # 9: Take a video tour of the Hypnotherapy Clinic   Audio   Audio # 9: Dr. Stiles talks about fears, anxieties and panic
        Audio   Audio # 10: Dr. Stiles explains the process of hypnosis
        Audio   Audio # 11: Dr. Stiles discusses helping you lose weight
        Audio   Audio # 12: Dr. Stiles discusses helping you stop smoking
        Audio   Audio # 13: Rob thanks Dr. Stiles for help with anxiety
        Audio   Audio # 14: Comments from Lynn Cullen about Dr. Bill Stiles

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True story about Spit Tobacco

A True Story About "Spit Tobacco"

--- WARNING: Contains graphic images ---

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