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  Stop Smoking Now!  
  Have you tried to stop smoking and failed?  

Physicians are sending their patients to me to help them be free of cigarettes --- to be a non smoker.

I am saddened to sometimes see cancer patients, heart attack victims, patients suffering from acute emphysema --- those who must carry oxygen tanks with them --- All desperately needing to stop smoking.

However, I am gratified to see them finally conquer this deadly habit through HYPNOSIS to help restore some quality of life.  All they needed was PROFESSIONAL HELP to program their subconscious mind --- their habit control center, with HYPNOSIS.

Watch and Listen to these messages from Dr. Stiles

Audio TESTIMONIAL: Richard Ward. Free of Cigarettes for two years
Audio TESTIMONIAL: Stop Procrastinating
Audio TESTIMONIAL: Multiple People Sessions
Audio AUDIO: A message from Dr. Stiles about stopping smoking
Video VIDEO: Dr. Stiles presentation on stopping smoking
Video VIDEO: Stop Smoking TV commercial

I am dedicated to helping YOU escape the awful control that cigarettes have over you.  Call now to schedule your ONE-ON-ONE guaranteed HYPNOSIS session (before it destroys your health).  Improve you life --- and perhaps, SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Want proof?  Call our office.  We will play a tape over the phone of people who have successfully quit smoking in ONE SESSION!  Call 724-940-2211.  You can count on me helping you.

A true story about spit tobacco  

A True Story About "Spit Tobacco"
--- WARNING: Contains graphic images ---
Click here to read


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True story about Spit Tobacco

A True Story About "Spit Tobacco"

--- WARNING: Contains graphic images ---

Click here to read


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